Elizabethan collar

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This comfortable Elizabethan Collar combines the best of both worlds of rigid and soft Elizabethan Collars, with a firm foam core that will safely prevent your dog from reaching their body while being significantly more comfortable to wear than a rigid plastic cone. Because this durable Elizabethan collar securely attaches to the So Fetch harness, both you and your veterinarian can rest easy with the knowledge that your pet won't be able to easily remove  this collar like a traditional Elizabethan Collar.

Attachment: The Elizabethan Collar attaches to the So Fetch harness at the back of the neck with a zipper and at the chest with a Velcro strap. The neck guard then clips around the back of the neck. If your dog is squirmy you may find that it is easiest to attach the Elizabethan Collar to the harness first before putting them onto your dog together.

Note: An Elizabethan Collar should not be used without the instruction and supervision of your pet's veterinarian. This Elizabethan Collar is not designed for use by itself without being secured to the So Fetch harness.


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