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About the company

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Our Core Values

Act in good faith

Ethics over profits. We will treat our customers, employees, and business partners with honesty, respect, and trustworthiness.

Give back

We will donate a portion of all revenue to charities focused on providing direct care to animals in need

Respect the employee right to a living wage, work-life balance, and physical and mental wellbeing

We guarantee a $15/hour company-wide minimum wage and benefits including a progressive maternity/paternity leave policy. We will focus on limiting work to regular work business hours and prioritizing a healthy work-life balance. Upon the establishment of a board of directors, a voting seat will be reserved for an elected representative of the company's employees to ensure their voice is present and heard in the decision making of the company.

Work together with veterinarians

We will keep open lines of communication with veterinarians about what challenges they face that we may be able to solve. When we move beyond e-commerce, we will offer competitive wholesale pricing to veterinary clinics that will allow them to offer Doc Wags products without fear of being undercut on pricing by non-veterinary retailers.