So you’ve got your So Fetch harness, now what?

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!Bird wearing cup on head

The So Fetch customizable dog harness is a comfortable (and fashionable) fully functional dog harness without anything extra attached, but the real fun begins when you start to add accessories to it.


The So Fetch harness was designed especially with active dogs in mind. It is lightweight, breathable, washable, and durable - perfect for hiking with your dog. The carrying pouch accessory can be used to bring extra poop bags, extra supplies, or carry out any waste bags on hikes. The water bottle/bowl accessory allows your dog to bring their own water bowl to save space in your pack. The bottle/bowl only carries a smaller amount of water (I wanted to make sure we only ask our pooches to carry a safe amount of weight) so I’d still recommend bringing extra water along in your pack to refill it on longer hikes.

I’m not just the designer of this harness, I’m a happy “customer” for more than a year. I can’t imagine hiking with my dog, Luna, without the harness and these accessories anymore because they’re such a convenience boost. Here’s the happy girl herself enjoying her favorite thing in the world (other than eating, which is every retriever’s true greatest joy), hiking:


Around town

There are a few accessories to consider for taking your dog around town:

The LED safety light is great for boosting your dog’s visibility at night, especially to motorists. This is another accessory where I’m also my own first happy “customer”. I never walk Luna at night anymore without the safety lights attached to her harness.

The carrying pouch is also nice for bringing things with you when you’re out with your pup, like backup poop bag rolls, credit cards or a wallet, or your cell phone. Who needs pockets when your dog has one?


The Elizabethan collar accessory for the harness is a much-needed improvement on the flimsy, easily removed plastic cones of the past. Our cone is a step forward in nearly every regard. The rugged but comfortable combination of a sturdy but flexible foam core with an outer synthetic cloth cover brings the best of both worlds from soft and hard cones. Because our cone can be securely attached to the harness, it is significantly more difficult for your dog to remove than traditional cones which rely on a cloth tie at the neck to stay on. This cone is also much more comfortable because attaching to the harness means it doesn’t need to be tied around the neck, leaving your dog’s neck free from irritation. You and your vet can both sleep soundly knowing that your dog’s surgical incision or wound will be kept safe from licking and chewing.

Get creative

The MOLLE slots on the sides of the harness and the loops on the top are intentionally designed to be compatible with any loop, strap, or fastener that otherwise could be attached to MOLLE webbing, a backpack strap, or a belt. You don’t just need to use our official accessories - you can make your own! Feel free to get creative. If you come up with anything fun, feel free to post it on our facebook page (link) or tag us on instagram @docwagsofficial

More to come

This is just the beginning! There’s plenty to look forward to in the near future, including:

  • Release of the remaining sizes of the So Fetch Harness including S, M, and XL
  • Additional color options for the So Fetch Harness
  • Additional accessories, including sport camera mounts, rain and snow wear, and more
  • Other new products for dogs and cats

Feel free to follow and tag us on Instagram @docwagsofficial as you start to have adventures with your dog with the So Fetch harness!

Be well,

Doc Wags